Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 4751

"James, I've been waiting for you.I've entered the Caelum Boundless Rank, and I believe I can rival
any Caelum Boundless Rank cultivator.I refuse to accept my loss in our previous match.Since you're
out from seclusion, let's have a rematch."

Wynton challenged James as soon as he appeared.


Immediately, James stood up.He wanted to test his power.It would be great if he could have a practice

"Let's have a duel at the Tempris Arena."

Then, James disappeared and appeared at the arena of the Tempris House.

Wynton followed James.

Meanwhile, Waleria, Saachi, Zula, and other powerhouses appeared in the audience seats outside the

There were disciples sparring on the platform.

When James and Wynton showed up, the disciples instantly moved aside, freeing up the platform.

"I-It's Sir James and Mr.Wynton."

"Mr.Wynton entered the Caelum Boundless Rank long ago.I've been in the Tempris House for
thousands of epochs but have yet to see Mr.Wynton fight.I finally have the chance to see it."

The two disciples were excited.

At the same time, they spread the news.

"Hurry up.Sir James is out from seclusion.He’s at the arena, and he’s going to have a duel with


"Let's go and have a look.Let’s see how strong the head of our house is."

In an instant, everyone in the Tempris House knew about the duel.

At once, many disciples of the Tempris House showed up outside the platform.

The audience seats were full of people.

As for those who could not get a seat, they watched from afar.

Wynton stood on the platform, dressed in white.

He looked graceful.

With his hands behind his back, confidently and calmly, he said, "James, I worked tirelessly for ten
thousand epochs.Be careful.I shall defeat you this time."

Nonchalantly, James said, "I’m only in the Terra Boundless Rank.Defeating me is nothing to be proud
of.Besides, are you really confident you can do that?"

He smiled.

All Wynton did was cultivate on the Boundless Rock, which increased his cultivation speed.

However, using the Tenfold Realms Transcendent Sutra, James’ cultivation was sped up even more.

"You may begin."

James made a gesture.

Then, Wynton appeared before James.

Wynton was in the Caelum Boundless Rank.

The spatial fluctuation his move created was very weak.

James could only sense a minor ripple before seeing Wynton.

Once Wynton materialized in front of James, he clenched his fist and punched James.

James stood in the same spot and let Wynton attack him.

Boom! The terrifying power landed on James.

Although he was not injured, the void behind him cracked.

The crack spread out like a spider web.

When the crack reached the edge of the platform, the power of the formation repaired it.

Wynton felt as if he had hit something solid, and his fist went numb.

He could not help but stumble backward.

Meanwhile, James stayed still with a calm expression.

Reaching out his hand, he patted his chest and smiled.

"Is that all you got? You're too weak."


Upon hearing that, Wynton wanted to spit out blood.He was in the Caelum Boundless Rank.

How could James call him weak? Even though Wynton did not muster his full strength, there were only
a few people in the Verde District who could take this punch.He was not weak.

James was just too strong.

Wynton found it hard to believe that James’ body had become so powerful.

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Read The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage Chapter 4751

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Chapter 4751 .
In Chapter 4751 of the The Almighty Dragon General series, The Almighty Dragon General novel
is about James Caden. Ten years ago, the Cadens were burned alive, they were the victims of a
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joined the army, with his bravery, he is now a general, the youngest commander Sol has ever seen.
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Read The Almighty Dragon General Chapter 4751

Read The Almighty Dragon General by Crazy Carriage Chapter 4751

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