Novel Name : I&##039;m A Quadrillionaire

Chapter 2578

The egg did not break with Lufian’s punch.

After failing to break the target, Lufian raised his fist and hit the eggshell again.

Boom! There was another loud bang.


Boom! Boom! Boom! As Lufian’s fist continued to pound, the cracks in the eggshell became larger and

It seemed that it would break at any time.

All this time, the ten red rays were not idle.

They constantly penetrated various parts of Lufian’s body.

There were thousands of back-and-forths in an instant.

Lufian kept attacking the eggshell while enduring ten red rays penetrating his body.

If it were not for the Heavenly Overlord’s extremely powerful recovery, he would have been a pile of
minced meat after being penetrated by ten red rays.

The eggshell was not simple either.

When the master left Mother here, he put it in an egg to absorb energy so that it could break out of the
shell after stepping into Heavenly Overlord Rank.

Boom! Lufian’s punch finally made a hole in the eggshell.

He did not stop and continued to prolong his victory.

After a while, a gap appeared on the eggshell, big enough for a person to pass through.

Without the slightest hesitation, Lufian went straight in.

What caught his eye was a sea of red surrounded by crystals emitting a red halo.

It seemed to be the same thing inside the bodies of the Robotias out there.

Lufian could feel that the energy here was so thick that it was at an extreme level.

It was almost viscous.

A casual sip would be equivalent to a few years of cultivation out there.

What a great place! Lufian grinned.

Once he killed Mother, all this would be his.

When the time came, he would let Elora cultivate here.

She would get twice the result with half the effort.

Maybe one day, she would also be able to step into Heavenly Overlord Rank.

It stood to reason that Lufian would even consider Elora now even though he was in a state of rage.

This was also the repercussion of fusing the dual souls.

If the fusion was successful, anyone would be affected by the other party.

Besides, Elora’s importance to Lufian was self-evident.

She was both his obsession and demon.

Only by getting rid of this obsession and demon could Lufian go further.

He could even break through to Overlord Realm and become a great Almighty, someone who could
suppress a region of the universe.

In his daze, Lufian heard Mother's voice in his ears.

"Lufian, what exactly do you want?"

"I want to kill you, of course!" Lufian said coldly.

"Do you have to do this?"


"Is there no room for negotiation?"


"Gosh! Why are you so stubborn? Can't we resolve this peacefully? Why do we have to fight to the

"I told you! When you chose to attack Elora, it was destined that only one of us would survive."

"Is a woman really that important?"

Mother could not understand.

No matter how excellent a human woman was, she could only be considered average in serving men.

Some strange races truly understood men.

For example, the Nine-Tailed Foxes in the depths of the universe.

Mother's master once spent a lot of effort to obtain a woman from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan.

"Lufian, you have become a Heavenly Overlord, so you shouldn't stick to one place.You can leave Leila
and go into the depths of the universe.That is the center of the entire universe and also the most
prosperous place.When you see other races, you will know that human women are nothing.Especially
those Nine-Tailed Foxes.They are truly breathtaking.All men will fall in love with them when they see
them.My master has a woman from the Nine-Tailed Fox Clan."

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