Novel Name : Journey To Become A True God

Chapter 2734 Repairing Jia Li And Xuan Mei&##039;s Relationship (1)

Chapter 2734 Repairing Jia Li And Xuan Mei's Relationship (1)

Maybe Ye Chen should take them on a date somewhere that would improve their relationship.
"Is there a good place here or not" Ye Chen wanted to know if there was a good place around this place.
"Yuechan, can you help me?" Ye Chen asked Chu Yuechan.
"Why don't you take them to a romantic place, I might be interested if I were them" said Chu Yuechan.
"a romantic place" Ye Chen thought of a romantic place, a nice and beautiful place that would make them happy.
Ye Chen finally had an idea, he looked for the best place in the Supreme God Realm.
He might have to use the best approach to make the two closer.
"Come with me" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li, he wanted to take them to a nice place.
"to where?" the two asked Ye Chen, they wanted to know where Ye Chen would take them.
"You will soon know" Ye Chen said that Xuan Mei and Jia Li would soon find out.
The three of them finally left, they immediately went to the best place in the Supreme God Realm.
Luckily Ye Chen knew some good places because of studying, so Ye Chen knew his goal now.
Xuan Mei and Jia Li could only come with Ye Chen, they didn't know where Ye Chen would go.
Some time later, they arrived at a beautiful place filled with luxurious goods.
"This, isn't this the luxury goods district" Xuan Mei said to Ye Chen.
Xuan Mei of course knew about this, this was a very luxurious and expensive place that only a few people came to.
"what are you going to do, bringing us to a place like this" Jia Li asked Ye Chen.
Even from here, she still didn't know what Ye Chen's goal was.
"I want to show you around this place, I hope you two don't mind that" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li.
"We won't mind" they said that they wouldn't mind this problem, they were actually happy with this.
Ye Chen started to bring them in, they were allowed in because Ye Chen and Xuan Mei's appearance was very nice and classy.
This place is really very classy, ​​there are so many handsome men and beautiful women around this place, they are people who come from high society and have lived a good life.
So it's not strange that they have good looks, it's because they come from rich and prominent families.
"let's try to book a private place" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li.
"This place is so crowded, there are so many people" Jia Li didn't feel very good, there were too many people here.
"It's okay, just ignore them, you two are very beautiful, so just ignore those who look at you" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li.
"We already ignored them, they are useless to look at" Xuan Mei and Jia Li ignored them, they started to go and rent a private place.
Ye Chen went to rent a private place, he rented the place with his considerable savings.
"Sir, what do you need right" the waiter greeted Ye Chen nicely.
"I need a special room that is big and good for three people to use, and please prepare the best food for us" Ye Chen told his destination.
"Before that, please pay the down payment up front" she said to Ye Chen to pay the down payment up front, so that nothing untoward happened.
"of course, I will pay for it" Ye Chen will pay, this is not difficult for Ye Chen who has quite a lot of pocket money, taking his woman to a luxurious place is not a bad thing.
With that Ye Chen finished everything and immediately left this place, he quickly went to the rented place.
Here the rental system is a building, and Ye Chen rented a building that was quite good and that they could use.
"This may not be the best in this place, but it doesn't matter for Ye Chen because this is enough, it's better not to be too conspicuous because at the top it will definitely be filled with strong people and they will be suspicious and find out about Ye Chen.
"You rented a really nice place" Jia Li said to Ye Chen.
Jia Li was pleased with the view here, there were mountains and sea on two sides of this place.
They can look out to sea and look at beautiful mountains.
At night, this place will become even more beautiful and they can enjoy their time in this place.
Ye Chen and the others waited for the food to arrive, it arrived just in time for dinner with dishes and candles to accompany them.
The atmosphere in this place was so romantic and Ye Chen was together with Xuan Mei and Jia Li.
Xuan Mei and Jia Li came to this place for the first time, usually they could only pass by and couldn't come because they didn't want to waste money on coming to a super expensive place.
And today was the time for them to try it, they would eat together with Ye Chen and enjoy their time in this place wholeheartedly.
"The food arrived, after the food arrived, the waiter left the table and left Ye Chen, Xuan Mei and Jia Li alone.
"This food is luxurious" said Xuan Mei.
The food at this place looks good, and the portions are small, that's because it's luxury food.
"let's try" Ye Chen said to Xuan Mei and Jia Li.
With that they started eating dinner, they started eating dinner slowly.
Jia Li and Xuan Mei were on Ye Chen's left and right, they approached and tried to help Ye Chen with all their heart.
They filled Ye Chen's plate with the delicious food that was in front of him.
Ye Chen was of course happy when he saw two beautiful women paying attention to him.
"Come on, open your mouth" Jia Li was an open person, so she wanted to feed Ye Chen.
"Huh?" Xuan Mei was shocked when she saw what happened, she was so shocked when she saw what Jia Li did.
Jia Li wore a triumphant smile, she was already one step ahead compared to Xuan Mei.
"husband, this is for you, come on you have to open your mouth" Xuan Mei said to Ye Chen, she didn't want to lose and started to be even more aggressive.
"Who will you choose" Jai Li asked Ye Chen.
"that's right, who will you choose, me or her" Xuan Mei said to Ye Chen.
It was as if Ye Chen was being held at gunpoint using two weapons, he was told to choose which one was best.
"Your plan isn't working, they still don't want to cooperate" Chu Yuechan said to Ye Chen.
Ye Chen's plan failed, he was completely unsuccessful.
"Isn't this your idea" Ye Chen said to Chu Yuechan, this was the idea that Chu Yuechan had.
"Fufufufufu" Chu Yuechan giggled, she enjoyed seeing Ye Chen in trouble.
"I will use my own way" Ye Chen decided to use his own way, that way he could make both of them calmer.
"Then I will choose both of you" Ye Chen said that he would choose both of them.
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