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Chapter 283 How Confident Are You?

Freya was usually quite composed, but now her voice carried a hint of distress. “Yes, Edward got
injured while trying to protect me, An arrow pierced through his right chest. His life is hanging by a
thread right now, and they are doing their best to save him!”

“I’ll call Jamie right away. You stay at the hospital. I’ll come over immediately.”

Doctors came in and out, blood bags were brought in one after another, and Freya’s hands clenched

She waited anxiously, but there was no sign of Edward being wheeled out of the emergency room.
Freya gritted her teeth, wishing she could just charge into the operating room..

Time seemed to slow down, and it felt like an eternity. Freya stared intently at the door of the operating

After a while, a nurse emerged from the room. “Are the family members of the patient present?”

Freya hurriedly walked up to her. “His family hasn’t arrived yet. I’m his friend. Is there anything I can do

The nurse frowned. “The surgery is risky. We need the family’s consent and signature.”

Freya’s heart skipped a beat, “How is his condition now?”

“Not good!” The nurse hurried back to the operating room. “I need to inform the doctor first. Please try
to contact the family. Once they’re here, have them come and sign the consent form.”

Freya nodded.

Another ten minutes passed, and Braxton arrived with Jamie, both of them rushing down the corridor.

Jamie’s face was filled with worry. “Miss Kaufmann, how is my brother?”

Freya looked at Jamie, her lips trembling slightly. “His condition is really critical right now. The nurse
was just looking for family members to sign the consent form. You should go sign it.”

Jamie didn’t hesitate and immediately went to sign the form.

Braxton looked concerned. “Frey, are you injured?”

Freya turned her head to the operating room, her voice choking, I’m fine, but Edward…”

What if something happens to him? If only I were the one injured today!

“Don’t worry, Edward will be fine.” Braxton comforted Freya softly

During Freya’s live streams, Edward used to help her set up the equipment. The Kaufmanns were
familiar with him.

After signing the documents, Jamie hurried over and stood at the operating room door, anxiously
waiting. “Miss Kaufmann, can you tell me what happened exactly? When I went to sign the form, the
nurse told me my brother has a piercing wound in his right chest caused by a crossbow.”


Freya gritted her teeth. I’m sorry, Mr. Fraser. Edward was shot by a crossbow bolt while trying to save

Jamie spoke softly, “I’m not blaming you, Miss Kaufmann. I just want to know what happened.”

In front of the operating room, Freya explained the events of the day to Jamie, bit by bit.

By the end, her face was filled with guilt.

“I’m sorry. I should have made Edward leave at that time.”

Jamie stood there in silence for a while after listening, eventually letting out a sigh.

“I don’t blame you, Miss Kaufmann. Since Edward saved you, I won’t go against his intentions by
blaming the person he wanted to protect. He only did what he thought was worth doing.”

Jamie looked up at the door of the operating room. I just hope that Edward will be alright.”

Freya quietly pinched her palms; she had always treated Edward as her younger brother.

As she stared at the door of the operating room, Freya became increasingly anxious.

Normally, the surgery should’ve been completed by now!

This wasn’t the General Hospital, and Freya didn’t know the hospital director here, so she couldn’t
personally enter to observe Edward’s surgery process.

When the nurse came out again, her face was filled with concern.

Freya hurriedly walked up to her. “Nurse, how is the patient doing?”

The nurse shook her head again, her expression heavy. “It’s not looking good.”

Freya gritted her teeth and was about to walk toward the operating room, but the nurse hurriedly
stopped her. “Miss, please calm down. Your behavior could affect the patient’s surgical treatment.”

At that, Freya took a deep breath and pulled out her phone to call Ethan. “Dr. Griffiths, this is Freya.

Ethan’s voice came from the other end. “Miss Kaufmann, what can I do for you?”

Freya quickly explained Edward’s current condition. “I need you to contact the director at Trinity
Hospital. and let me enter the operating room to observe Edward’s surgery personally!”

After hearing her out, Ethan said seriously, “Okay, please wait a moment. I’ll make the call right away!”

Not five minutes after, the door of the operating room opened again. The nurse walked out and looked
at the people waiting by the door with an odd expression. “Who’s Freya Kaufmann?”

“Me!” Freya immediately stepped forward.

“Come with me.” The nurse led Freya into the operating room.

Inside, Edward was lying on the operating table, and Freya hurriedly walked up to Dr. Lysander
Weston, the lead surgeon.

She observed carefully. The lead surgeon’s skills were adequate, but… Edward’s injuries were just too

Freya gritted her teeth.

Soon, Lysander encountered a challenge.

The arrow lodged in Edward’s body was dangerously close to a major blood vessel.

The slightest misstep could eliminate any chance of successful treatment.

Lysander looked somewhat troubled. “This is extremely risky. We need to move it step by step

Freya gritted her teeth. “There’s no time to do that. He’s been losing blood continuously!”

“I know.” Lysander frowned, “Aren’t we already giving him a blood transfusion? But without moving the
arrow, we don’t have a better option.”

A nurse stepped forward and touched Lysander’s hand. “Dr. Weston, this is someone the director
personally brought in. I heard she’s a surgeon from General Hospital.”

Ethan didn’t disclose Freya’s true identity to the director of Trinity Hospital.

Lysander squinted at Freya. “If I let you handle the arrow, how confident are you?”

Freya clenched her teeth and looked at the fresh blood oozing from Edward’s wound.

“Seventy percent!”

Lysander was taken aback. If he were to extract the bolt directly, he would only have a thirty percent
chance of success. However, he didn’t say much and simply put the surgical scalpel aside.

“You do it then. I don’t have that level of confidence!”

Freya nodded and stepped forward, putting on gloves. She gave Lysander a grateful glance.

It’s worth noting that the lead surgeon for this operation was Lysander, and he would be held
responsible if anything went wrong.

Freya lowered her head and began to perform the delicate procedure of removing the arrow from
Edward’s body.

Her hands were as steady as a machine, and her dexterity exceeded even that of a skilled machine.

Lysander and several resident doctors beside him couldn’t help but marvel at her skill.

Freya paid no attention to the gaze of those around her.

Three minutes later, when the arrow was finally pulled out, she let out a sigh of relief. This was the
most challenging part, and she had finally succeeded.

Freya felt a wave of weakness wash over her body. “How are the patient’s vital signs?!”

The nurse in charge of monitoring the life status equipment answered with great urgency. “Everything is

Freya heaved a sigh of relief. The remaining task of suturing was handed over to Lysander.

After the lead surgeon finished suturing the wound, he looked up at Freya in admiration. “Your surgical
skills are truly remarkable. Who’s your mentor?”

Freya glanced at Lysander and replied hoarsely, “Dr. Ethan Griffiths.”

“So, it’s Dr. Griffiths. No wonder you’re so skilled!”

Freya wasn’t in the mood for an extensive conversation with Lysander.

After Edward’s wound was treated, she immediately followed the operating bed out of the operating

Meanwhile, outside, Jamie and Braxton had been waiting for a long time. Seeing Freya come out, they
approached immediately.

Freya nodded at the two of them. “Edward is fine now.”

Jamie’s serious expression softened, then he looked at Freya with a complex gaze. He had heard from
his younger brother that Freya had previously invited the internationally renowned Doctor Harlan to
perform his surgery.

So, what about Edward this time? Why can Freya enter the operating room?

He had never heard that she could perform surgery,

Jamie’s doubts. gaze grew complex, but when he saw his brother on the stretcher, he immediately
pushed aside his

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